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  • Standard
  • HMW for long read applications
  • Short read custom – Index PCR
  • Long read plasmid and long amplicon (>450 bases)
  • 16S, 18S, ITS
  • Shotgun metagenomic
    • Short read
    • Long read PacBio
    • Long read ONT
  • GBS
  • Skim-Seq
  • Exome and other probe based capture
  • QIAseq targeted
  • Other PCR based methods?
  • Short Read
  • Long read, ONT or PacBio
  • Methylation; ONT, PacBio, or EM-Seq
  • ATAC-Seq
  • Cut&Run, Cut&Tag, ChIP-Seq
  • Hi-C?

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